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Financial Market Professionals’ Guide to Carbon Risk Assessment

A practical guide to carbon risk for financial market professionals.  The first edition, scheduled to be published in Q4 2020, explores how asset prices are impacted by climate-driven events.  Borrowing some techniques used in managing traditional risk categories, the guide employs basic scenario analysis to assess the likelihood of a carbon bubble and explore how to position portfolios to navigate climate impacts on markets.

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Systemic Risk Assessment Report, Industry in Focus: Food & AG

Industry Specific Reports, heavy on editorial & infographic data, detailing innate externalities and a broad spectrum of Environmental & Social Impact Risks including:

  • Carbon Emissions
  • Deforestation
  • Water
  • Social

Deep dive understanding of the primary risk drivers, as well as where the drivers and corresponding risks reside within the corporate value chain

EcoSmart-CarbonMetrics Toolbox

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Our tools are powered by our own EcoSmart-ProtocolTM,  using a proprietary library of sectoral carbon density/$ coefficients, the methodology allows for rapid assessment of carbon exposure for 1000s of companies in all industries, including forecasting capabilities.

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EcoSmart Labs has developed a number of Carbon Risk assessment tools for institutional asset management professionals including a suite of index rankings and bespoke company specific assessment tools: CarbonRank, CarbonScore & CarbonRisk.

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Our team’s deep understanding of the environmental & carbon markets is shared with clients through a series of publications including the Financial Market Professionals’ Guide to Carbon Risk Assessment and periodic Industry Focus Risk Assessment Reports.

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