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Welcome to EcoSmart Labs

EcoSmart Labs is an Environmental FinTech company using blockchain to create an entirely new asset class of environmentally net positive commodities called EcoSmart-Commodities

EcoSmart-Commodities Are traditional commodities like Sugar, Cacao, Palm Oil, Steel, Coal, Oil & Natural Gas that have been onboarded to the blockchain and embedded with environmental replacement credits, or environmental mitigation credits, thereby offsetting their environmental impact.

With the global consumption rate of our natural resources nearly double the Earth’s replacement capacity and with many of these resources being non-renewable, “sustainable supply-chains” are virtually unachievable unless matched with environmental mitigation (conservation) credits equal to the environmental impacts of the supply-chain components.

As a founding coalition partner, EcoSmart Labs is leveraging blockchain technology to create EcoSmart-Commodities from the Natural Capital Assets onboarded to the blockchain via the Veridium Ecosystem.

REDD+ Credits and the only Environmental Mitigation Credits that aggregate ALL of the potential environmental services and other intrinsic value components of Natural Capital into a single asset class.

The Importance of REDD+

Natural Capital represents the world’s stock of natural assets (air, water, forests, minerals and other natural resources) and has been grossly undervalued and inadequately monetized by the marketplace for decades.

More About Natural Capital

The Intrinsic Value of this asset class is demonstrably under-monetized.  The Utility Value has yet to be realized.

VERIDIUM ’s VERDE seek to change that .

Valuing TGRs

EcoSmart Labs uses blockchain technology to unlock the enormous value potential of Natural Capital – an untapped and currently undervalued asset class that is estimated to be worth double the total global GNP (over $120 trillion USD)

Natural Capital is a rapidly diminishing, largely non-renewable resource, which intrinsically limits the supply. The current market however is grossly undervalued due to illiquidity, indivisibility, lack of transparency, monopolization and high-friction that translates into high transactional costs and long transaction times.

Companies are finding it difficult to keep ahead of a rapidly shifting landscape where the narrative is changing from one of “avoiding negative impacts” (passive) to “making positive social and environmental contributions” (pro-active).

Companies and Fund Managers are urgently seeking hedge solutions to mitigate the risk of stranded assets or exposure to climate risk embedded within their portfolios. Environmental Mitigation Credits from Land Banks like the Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve can effectively mitigate those risks but are simply not sophisticated enough to satisfy their accounting and compliance needs.

We currently consume at a rate 1.7 times the Earth’s capacity to reproduce the those resources. By the year 2090, we will need the equivalent of 3 Earths to satisfy our insatiable demand for natural resources.


With EcosSmart Commodities, EcoSmart Labs illuminates a safe, secure pathway along an inevitable economic shift to the New (Regenerative) Economy

The world’s archaic EXTRACTIVE economic model is unable to meet the “sustainable supply-chain goals” that corporations are under pressure to create – pressure by their customers, governments and institutional shareholders (e.g. Pension Funds). There is an unavoidable need to revalue the world’s rapidly diminishing natural resources and develop a new REGENERATIVE economic model, whereby environmental replacement costs (externalities) are embedded into the price of everything we consume.

InfiniteEARTH – the world’s leading supplier of REDD+ Environmental Mitigation Credits and pioneer in developing Natural Capital as a new asset class — supplies the standing natural capital assets behind each VERDE.

Conservation Bank

TRUE Sustainable Supply Chains can only be achieved by embedding environmental mitigation credits.

The Regenerative Economy

Additional examples of value studies, real-world usage of REDD+, Blockchain and Smart Contracts and reference works can be found in our Documents and Resources section.

Documents and Resources

When the global deforestation rate is higher than the conservation rate by several orders of magnitude, “Sustainable Supply-Chains”, as they are currently defined, simply cannot exist.

EcoSmart Commodities provide companies with viable solutions to their sustainability challenges

Embedding Environmental Mitigation Credits in all their forms (including forest, biodiversity, carbon, water and social impact) into the price of everything we consume is an inevitability.

Cryptographic Natural Capital credits answer the concerns companies have about Environmental Offsets, namely: how to hold them on their balance sheets and how to “mark to market” on a daily basis

IBM Launches Blockchain Platform for US Oil Trade

IBM Launches Blockchain Platform for US Oil Trade

Blockchain offers a host of benefits, including increased efficiency, lower overhead costs, fewer intermediaries, increased transparency, less risk of tampering and fraud … all while reducing transaction times. Already, the Oil & Gas, Agricultural Industries and large multi-national companies are using blockchain technology in Smart Contract settlements.

EcoSmart Commodities are uniquely positioned as the primary agent of change in this transformation to the New Economy, seeking to embed Environmental Mitigation Offset Credits within commodity settlements and (ultimately) within the price of finished consumer goods through the use of cryptographic Natural Capital assets.

Veridium’s first cryptographic Natural Capital asset is the VERDE (VRD), which is built on the Stellar blockchain and is backed by Triple Gold REDD+ credits. Considered the world’s highest quality environmental credits, REDD+ credits deliver compound environmental and social returns: forest & biodiversity conservation, carbon emissions savings & reductions and positive social impact for forest dependent indigenous communities.

VRDs create a common denominator that can easily integrate environmental mitigation credits into commodities transactions with far greater efficiency than anything available today.

EcoSmart CommoditiesTM represent the only viable solution for accomplishing sustainable supply chains, by embedding Natural Capital replacement costs into every commodity transaction.